Chaos for another day

Friday Aug 09 2013

Well, absence makes the heart grow fonder – or so they say. Writing here just as a moment of reflection since I’ve had few of those lately. Today I was in Glasgow, the Charring Cross/Finnieston area. I’ve not been there, at least on foot since long before 2010 I guess, when I worked in the area. There are quite a few new shops around, and some refurbished bars/restaurants it was almost spooky, looking through eyes that hadn’t seen the area in so long. The area was the same, but different – hard to pin it down really. It was similar enough I remembered which shops have changed, which reopened etc. Quite an interesting experience really.

I guess it would come to us all eventually, one of those consequences of growing old I bet 😉 not that I’m old – 32 years only, but each year I feel a little older, and with the places I see and revisit, I can only guess I will feel older still when those times come.

I also visited the art gallery and museum here, its been longer still since I was here last. They had a multi-million pound refurbishment a little while ago, and I haven’t seen it in it’s so called ‘new form’. Let me say straight off, its a mess. Not only has there been some of the galleries closed down, a lot of the so-called ‘exhibition areas’ are really disappointing. So many posters and boards, and very few actual exhibits to go with them. Many seem geared up for a younger audience, when I say younger, think children. In fact it is overly geared to that audience, at least the ground floor is. There is of course the obligatory coffee shop which has taken over a whole wing of the ground floor, disappointing also, but in these hard times I guess the museum really needs the income from that. That aside, even the 1st floor has been down-sized, there are still a few rooms which are galleries, but mostly, more posters, boards and screens.

inishing up by going out the back entrance, which used to bring you straight out into the surrounding park area – instead, now opens up to a car park, and yet another coffee shop. This disappointed me the most, so much so, that I actually expleted aloud “Oh, What a waste!” someone behind me said something, sounded like agreement, but I couldn’t make it out – more of a mumbled comment I think. So anyway, went outside, walked around to what was left of the park area and sat down under a tree in the sunny weather and wrote this up. Not an ideal reboot of my blog, but at least it’s a start 😉