NaNo NaNo

Thursday Oct 20 2011

A short while ago, I reported on my Twitter feed that I had been bludgeoned into joining the National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo for short, it is a 50,000 novel challenge in November where the idea is to "Write First, Ask Questions Later" in order to get the creative juices flowing at full-pelt so to speak. Initially I was sceptical that such a challenge would be doable for me and, in fact, I’d only signed up on the website to find out more – but as it turned out, the act of signing up actually made me a participant.

I was orginally planning to just ignore the fact that I’m a participant this time around and just look around anyway, but the idea itself actually seeded in my mind. There was that story I was thinking of writing for the #FlashFriday event, and I really started to think about actually trying NaNo out. Oddly enough the thought is like a virus, floating around, multiplying at an exponential rate before it evolved for me into a full-blown obsession!

So the idea started bobbing about with the NaNo virus and itself mutated into something tangible. It even got to the stage that my fingers were itching to put the first words to paper(they still do 🙂 ) but I’m holding out for the onset of the NaNo virus 😉 thankfully, it is just a week away and I’ve managed to find some wings for my idea and even got down an outline, a plan and possibly a plot, that is, in my head. But I need to actually sit the fudge down and start bringing it to life.

Which leads me down the garden-path to the concept of NaNo write-ins, a regional breakdown of NaNo participants that would usually meet during November for their regular write-ins. Another viral idea!

So I’ve now joined the regional writing group for Edinburgh, in Scotland for those that don’t know and I’m looking forward to meeting the others from the region to see and hear what their thoughts are.


A blank page…… oh how I hate blank pages, it pressures me into thinking oh my god what am I going to write here….. is there anything at all?

Which of course usually results in me procrastinating, or awaiting inspiration of some kind, seriously how gullible can we be? honestly, writing doesn’t just ‘occur’ to you, I guess the actual act of writing can be enough to make you think of something interesting, or even if its not I think the idea is that you write anyway, no matter what happens, try not to criticize what you are writing as you write it because then it can lead to your brain freezing. It might be that you tell yourself that you will never be able to write anything anybody will want to read, and you may be right, or not. At the end of the day, does it even matter?

The trick is to write I guess. Just Write what your thinking down and let the muse take you anywhere it wants to.

It’s sometimes even hard to write something like this down, because even now, I want to judge it see whether it is worthy of my attention for long and that in itself is a bad thing, because it can lead down the path to not writing at all and of course, if you don’t write at all, how will you ever learn to write?

I’m going to post this up to my blog, just as a snippet from my thoughts tonight and it needs a new post too 😉