Wanderings again….

Thursday Sep 22 2011

Well, it seems to have been an interesting day yesterday – not only did I leave my journal entry un-finished but I also managed to resurrect my Twitter account and started to write a new #FlashFriday post AND download and listen again to Chris Lester’s "Making the cut" a very interesting story and one of my favourites (its from 2008, you may need to look back in the feed a little) – linky: Metamorcity

So an all-together fascinating day, although I also remember some of the pitfalls of writing again, the staring at the page stuff you get when you just can’t think of what to say to fill out the story more, but I guess the more practice you get, the better you get at being able to stick with it and go with the flow.

It leaves me wondering indeed what happened to Tee’s podcast novel, Morevi – The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana, another I listened to and enjoyed a lot, linky: Tee Morris – and Phill Rossi’s Crescent too, of course, you’ll find that here: Crescent 😉

Its a funny thing too, because right at the time all this started to happen again, I started to read my books again – lol a series of seemingly unconnected events have came together for me again, so lets hope it may continue!


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