Just Write 21/09/11

Wednesday Sep 21 2011

Okay so where to begin, well at the start is a usual place to do – Just Write a way to freely write and express yourself in any way you want to talk about what ever you want using Automatic writing, I love automatic writing because it somehow bypasses your usual thoughts and goes straight to the proverbial page.

There are lots of entries though, so how likely is it that anyone will read this? don’t know, I’m just writing because I’m stuck on the story I’m writing for flash-friday and its so very annoying to come back to writing after such a long time and be hit on the nose by a bout of sticky mud. Ick. What’s going on around me now? well, acutally not a lot, no kids and hubby is away tinkering with cars in the garage. Me, I’m just here trying to write and find an inkling of inspiration from somewhere and finding that I can’t seem to will the words to mind, is it a case where you can’t really will words to the page and have to instead wait for them to arrive? I really don’t know but anyway, this is my just write entry for Tuesday 21-September, wow, how many words is that so far?

Am I continuing or just simply rabbiting on? who knows….
Oh, yaay 🙂 its raining – I like the rain, its nice for me to hear, like little droplets of freshness cleaning up the nasty smoggy air from the week before, the first real rain we’ve seen in some time *sigh* love it, makes me feel reinvigourated, and wonder just how long these posts should be……… next stop, a post and a read and a listen to other people’s thoughts and things around it.

Just-Write, try it out each Tuesday if you wish 🙂 http://extraordinary-ordinary.net/2011/09/20/just-write-the-second

and the great button to use 🙂



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