Podcasters….. I Salute you!

Sunday Jun 06 2010

To The Podcasters

This morning I woke up and started actually seriously reflecting on the various podcast authors that have blessed my life with stories that have truly stuck with me over the last year or two, whether I was aboard Raife’s Ship with Tee Morris (http://morevi.net/ ) , travelling with Will “The Bard” Shakespeare in the world of the Fey thanks to Phillippa Ballentine (http://www.chasingthebard.com/) or “Making The Cut” with Daniel Sharabi courtesy of Chris Lester (http://www.metamorcity.com/) one thing rings true to all of the stories, that is the dedication and commitment to perfecting the artform and ‘raising the bar’, as Tee would say, for everyone to enjoy.

To have these stories stick with me in such a way that I remember them 2 years or more since I last listened to them is truly a special feeling and testament to the fact that they have all hit a pivotal emotional resonance within me. Also, having been privileged enough to be able to speak to these people directly and hear about events in their lives, it brings extra weight to the sheer brilliance with which they approach the challenges of podcasting as well as the considerable ‘real life’ challenges that everyone has to deal with every day.

I should also never forget to mention all those that helped bring these podcasts to life, the ‘back seat drivers’ so to speak. These are the people you don’t often hear about but are essential to make the podcast as good as it can be, and trust me editing audio is not easy at all – I’ve had several bad experiences with that, it can take hours to edit just a few tiny minutes.

This entry is a dedication not only to the established Heroes and Heroines of the podcast artform but also to everyone who has taken the time and effort to produce stories in podcast form for people to listen to and love without asking for much, if anything in return.