Shit, damn, fuck, cunt and a thousand other expletives sprang to mind, he wanted to meet – damn it, he wanted to meet. This wasn’t fair, it wasn’t supposed to happen – it was only a joke, a bit of fun. We’d only been seeing each other online for a few months now, how come he wanted to meet?

So I pinged up the IM : “How come you want to meet?”
“Cos you seem kinda cool, would love to meet you – your pictures are great!”
“Well, I don’t know if I can trust you yet.”
“That’s cool, but I would like to meet ya.”
“Give me some time 🙂 i’ll be around for some time yet…. must dash though! TTYL!”
“Hehe, I know you will be, take care :)”


Isn’t that just typical?
The things in life that would never materialise, end up materialising. I mean, its the internet, right? The world is at the fingertips, and people are talking. A great many lonely hearts out there seeking their one true love, or looking for someone of like mind. The trouble here is that as big as the internet is, you will always find what your looking for, whether or not you actually want to find it. That’s how it started out, I was browsing a singles chatroom and Hugo there seemed to be worth talking to, he liked some of the same sites I did and so, I messaged him. The quick messages became conversations and conversations became regular and before long it turned into extended, late night IM conversations, various swapping of pictures and sharing of life’s ups and downs between us.

It was a match made in heaven and all without the costly inconvenience of a real relationship. So why did he want to meet now? Was I a little to friendly, did I hit too many right notes? clearly, he’s fond of me now and I’m going to have to deal with that.

Shit. I just better get it over with. So I pinged up the IM again, a few hours later “Hey Hugo”
“Oh, hey, how was dinner?”
“Wasn’t too bad, was quite nice actually”
“Cool, I had mine a little bit earlier – mmm pizza.”
“Listen, I was thinking about that thing you mentioned, you know about meeting?”
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“Well I’ve been thinking, it might not be a bad idea really, I mean we’ve been – well, I guess seeing each other for ages now. I think I should give you a chance.”
“But you better watch out, I wont be alone.” (I lied)
“Hey, you’ve got nothing to worry about, when would you like to meet?”
“At the weekend, Starbucks?”
“Sure, what time?”
“Dunno, about 2?”
“Yeah, np, got the dog to take to the vet in the morning anyway. See you then!”
“Should we do anything to make sure we see each other?”
“I guess we could….. any ideas?”
“Nup, maybe both of us wear blue tops?”
“Can do 🙂 see you there!”
“Cool :)”

That’s done it now, no going back – but some part of me wants him to stand me up.


There I was, sitting at Starbucks – wearing my fave blue t-shirt, it was fair trade cotton – really good quality though, worth the cost.

I rarely came here, but basically, everyone knows Starbucks right? and its not like there were any other decent places that everyone would know, I sighed and took a sip of my latte – my thoughts were racing double-time. Whether I was just nervous or it was the caffeine in the air – I couldn’t tell, maybe a little of both.

I kept noticing the time, always looking at that damned clock, I swear each time I do that the seconds get slower, yeesh, it was only 1:30 – I wanted to get here early to get one of the chairs at the back out of the way, you know away from the windows and the crowd – I guess some part of me just wanted not to be noticed. I hoped in vein

I turned around and just caught a glimpse of him, his eyes found me though, if briefly and suddenly I found my latte cup terribly fascinating, he didn’t seem to notice me – or, oddly enough didn’t seem to want to… how odd…

I felt my cheeks flush, he was really cute. Somehow, in person his photos didn’t seem to do him justice. He had slightly ruffled mousey hair, cut short with an unruly nest of curls jumping out at all angles – but those blue eyes… damn, I’d only glanced at him briefly and my minds eye was ablaze with wondrous imaginings. I wanted to look up again, you know tell myself my mind was exaggerating his looks, so ever so carefully I edged my glance up above the rim of the coffee cup, my heart was beating so fast…

He was at the counter and he was still really attractive – score one girl, IS hot. Well, at least there’s that wish I could stop being so nervous though must be genetic I guess.

He looked just as flustered as I was. His dreamy blue eyes…. dammit, focus Trudy, focus… he was ordering something at the counter – funny that, he ordered the same as me, a Latte. Hey, did he notice what I was drinking?

For long moments he seemed to hover around the counter, seemingly fumbling with his wallet – I could see though he was stalling for time. Shortly after that though, he seemed to have plucked his courage out from his behind, he breathed in – oooh athletic too…… dammit, focus! and he walked over towards me with clumsy deliberate actions, almost like he had rehearsed from a book or something.

My face was red, I could feel it burn like hot coals and my heart was still beating fast…

“Um, er…. um….. Trudy?”

His voice was as ragged as his actions were, it almost looked comical. As attractive as he was, you’d expect him to have been well versed in this sort of thing, so I had to respond…

“Hhhhhi, Hugo?”
“Yyup….. May I?”
“Sit? Sure… I guess”

I was hopelessly grasping at straws for something to say but I was saved…

“Iiittts a little bit weird this you know…”
“Tell me about it…”
“I guess…”
“Heheh” I laughed, I could barely hold it in “we’ve virtually had a relationship already!”
“Hahaha… a Virtual Relationship!” he chimed in, loud enough to make his face burn with a brighter red.