Creativity still perched on top

Wednesday Sep 02 2009

Yes, its been a few days now since I last updated šŸ™‚ but that’s cool – I’ve been busy! Promise!
Work on my article is progressing and I have a couple of questionnaires sent out, I have another three to draft and send out – but I’ll get those done too!

On other notes, I recently acquired a copy of “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron – this book is gold dust!
Just reading through the introduction gives you this very useful anecdote: “Accumulate pages, not judgements.” and just reading into the first chapter (titled Week 1 in the book) led me to draw this: from a simple doodle on Monday, I simply told myself not to try and make it anything in particular and that page organically grew from that sense of security, you know where you aren’t worried if it’ll look okay or its not perfect. You don’t worry about it because you haven’t a preconceived notion of what it ‘should’ look like. It’s almost like free-writing in a way.

Speaking of writing, I intend to do some more work on my story soon – I had a wasted 2hrs last night trying to get the new wireless network up and running so I can use the bedroom as my artist’s retreat again, so I’ll need to get the questionnaires done first. The first wireless router I had inexplicably stopped working, I hadn’t worried too much about it, the thing had been on constantly for over 9 months, rather than mess about with it I decided to get a new one. I gave up on spending endless hours on PC troubleshooting years ago –
ultimately I just figured it wasn’t worth the trouble and nowadays I just wouldn’t have the time anyway!


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