Wow :) 8 Hits more today…. and without a Twitter Plug!

Tuesday Aug 25 2009

I’m impressed!
Seems I’m getting a higher profile, as in one notch above obscurity. It’s really pushing me onwards and upwards!

Today, I had a Dynomite idea for an article this morning on the way to the daily sludgery. I realised of course that the daily sludgery could actually be my key to a brighter future. You see, come September the 15th – I’ll have been at my current company for FIVE years! That’s some amount of time when you think about it and with that thought, I realised that I have the rare kind of experience to make something of it.

So there it is, in its skeleton form – to write an article about what I know best. Now its up to me to put some meat on the bones and launch myself at the mean and nasty proffesional writing world.

I know this isn’t a passport to instant success, I’m fully expecting many years to pass before my career gains enough momentum to come even close to my main income souce, but everything has to start somewhere, right?

Which brings me to my next muse 😉 perhaps writing a blog post is my way of warming up to do some writing on my story, it certainly seems to be a case where I start to write here and the words simply flow out like water down a hillside (SEE, amazing huh?) LOL

Anyway, I better stop rattling words in here and get to my story before my time and energy run out!

Thanks to you all for looking and commenting!

Lisa (@Lisa107b)


4 Responses to “Wow :) 8 Hits more today…. and without a Twitter Plug!”

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  2. Congratulations. Now get to your story. 😉

  3. Merrilee Says:

    I also use the blog as my ‘warm up’, and it can be very effective.

    But darling, pleasepleaseplease choose a more readable theme…this thing kills my eyes every time I come here!

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