Yaaay! 1014 Words!

Sunday Aug 23 2009

Okay so its not a lot of words, but they’ve been the first my story has moved for some time. So I thought it deserves its own blog post – I’m proud of it!

Hopefully, it will not stop here and it’ll be the start of a positive trend in my W.I.P (Writer lingo for “Work In Progress”) so I earlier mentioned I was aiming for the 500 words challenge as set forth by @InkyElbows and I actually graduated to the 1000 words challenge, so I will wear this badge with honor and pride!

It all started with some help from Bach and Motzart on the classics channel!


Thank you all for your help and support!

Lisa (@Lisa107b)


6 Responses to “Yaaay! 1014 Words!”

  1. Congrats! I’ll cheer you along!

  2. Uncle Monster Says:

    Good job. I need to start doing the same thing. Can’t let you get published ahead of me, now can I?

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