For any of you wondering, yes, I did write last night – but not on my fiction story. I set to work on my big article 🙂
I drafted questionnaires up for the various people willing to participate and tonight I plan to do a rough outline of the main ‘meat’ of the article.

I didn’t do a word count 🙂 I think I’d only do that for my fiction stories and I keep a track of the word count in brackets at the bottom of my story – this will give you an idea of my progress to date, yes don’t shout at me for the gaps – I’m working on that 😉 and you should know that!

(355~ words Friday, 22nd May)
(180~ words Monday 25th May)
(918~ words Thursday 28th May)
(820~ words Saturday 30th May)
(580~ words Saturday 6th June)
(518~ words Thursday 30th July)
(1014 words Sunday 23rd August)
(614~ words Tuesday 25th August)

Its always a good idea to keep track of your writing, it gives you a ‘yard stick’ of sorts, to gauge how your doing. I read this tip the other day, I’m sure it was on “The Renegade Writer”. This is a great site, full of useful info, if you haven’t already – bookmark it! its a great resource for writers 🙂

Lisa (@Lisa107b)


I’m impressed!
Seems I’m getting a higher profile, as in one notch above obscurity. It’s really pushing me onwards and upwards!

Today, I had a Dynomite idea for an article this morning on the way to the daily sludgery. I realised of course that the daily sludgery could actually be my key to a brighter future. You see, come September the 15th – I’ll have been at my current company for FIVE years! That’s some amount of time when you think about it and with that thought, I realised that I have the rare kind of experience to make something of it.

So there it is, in its skeleton form – to write an article about what I know best. Now its up to me to put some meat on the bones and launch myself at the mean and nasty proffesional writing world.

I know this isn’t a passport to instant success, I’m fully expecting many years to pass before my career gains enough momentum to come even close to my main income souce, but everything has to start somewhere, right?

Which brings me to my next muse 😉 perhaps writing a blog post is my way of warming up to do some writing on my story, it certainly seems to be a case where I start to write here and the words simply flow out like water down a hillside (SEE, amazing huh?) LOL

Anyway, I better stop rattling words in here and get to my story before my time and energy run out!

Thanks to you all for looking and commenting!

Lisa (@Lisa107b)

Yaaay! 1014 Words!

Sunday Aug 23 2009

Okay so its not a lot of words, but they’ve been the first my story has moved for some time. So I thought it deserves its own blog post – I’m proud of it!

Hopefully, it will not stop here and it’ll be the start of a positive trend in my W.I.P (Writer lingo for “Work In Progress”) so I earlier mentioned I was aiming for the 500 words challenge as set forth by @InkyElbows and I actually graduated to the 1000 words challenge, so I will wear this badge with honor and pride!

It all started with some help from Bach and Motzart on the classics channel!


Thank you all for your help and support!

Lisa (@Lisa107b)

Fully expecting the world to pass by and ignore this little corner of the blogsphere, but seems my expactations are about to be sorely rebuked – I’ve had traffic spikes, oh my!

Okay, so I haven’t written anything in ages but I don’t want to completely sacrifice myself to the Writing gods and godesses. Why? because I feel it best to move on and improve my future performance. If I spend time wallowing about how much I didn’t write, I’ll likely still be wallowing in a months time because I still hadn’t written anything!

“It takes an awful long time to NOT write a book!” – Douglas Adams

So right after this blogpost I’m going back into my story and hopefully come back out with some semblance of wordage, I wont aim high, not right now – smaller goals are more easily attainable, @InkyElbows (Owner of has the 500 word challenge, I think that would suit me well for the moment – so let it be so 🙂 I aim for 500 words each time until I can improve my abilities. Aparantly, its like training your brain for something new and the more you do it, the better you get at it.

During the last session of writing I managed to hammer out 300 words of plot outline all done freewriting style. That’s the kind of writing you just do from the top of your head without thinking about it, and a very useful tool if ever you feel blocked. I think I should start to work on the structure some more and put together some sort of writing outline, maybe seperate out the chapters then individually outline those, if anything it’ll help me start again if -, no, WHEN I get stuck down the line.

I’m very much grateful for Merrilee’s(@MerrileeFaber) help in this, she says I’m a writer to watch and that is something I will try hard to live up to, plus if I’m getting more eyes on my progress, there’s more chance I’ll get more focussed.

That’s it for the ficiton writing, its not the only area I’m trying to break in on – I have a chance now to write an article for a car owner’s club about the progress of a car my husband is working on, an old Reliant Fox – quite a gemstone it seems, there is only 5 in Scotland and only a few hundred ever made!

My husband is trying to get it up and running again, and the progress of that gives me a chance to write something voluntarily for the owner’s club magazine now and hopefully that’ll give me some edge to gaining some paid work in the not-too-distant future!

So, on that positive note, I’m off to get a cuppa and have a look at my story again! 475 words in this blog post, but I wont count that to the target!

Lisa (@Lisa107b)