Oh oh, almost missed my deadline

Monday Jul 27 2009

Its been over a week since my last blog post *slaps own hand* sorry about that, not sure if anyone actually reads it – but sorry anyway!
I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and it has almost caused some health issues. Let me explain, I’d like to talk a little about ‘Stress Biology’ now it is directly related to the world we live in today. Where we move less and have easy ways of getting almost anything we need, I’m not talking fat lazy couch potatoes here, that’s the extremes of an easy life. I’m talking just the regular people, not overweight just a little more idle than we would have been say in the stone age.

Stress is a natural human cycle, its been around since we started walking on the earth, it’s the thing that gives us the ‘fight or flight’ strength and speed to respond to life/death situations. In today’s world however, there are relatively few ‘life/death’ situations and our bodies don’t know the difference. Society’s expectations on each of us is enough to evoke the same feelings though, we must reach a deadline, our work will be under a magnifying glass, our money can’t meet the bills etc. our body’s response to the worry and anxiety following any similar feelings however is the same as it was when we were running away from that big animal that wanted us for dinner, and releases the Adrenaline needed for that extra strength and speed.

The sharp end of the sword however, is that we are not in a situation in today’s world where we need the Adrenaline very often and a side-effect of the stuff if it sits too long in the muscles is that it will cause the muscles to stiffen, like a board. The result of that is that our heart then has difficulty pumping the blood to where it needs to be and that, in turn causes the heart to beat faster pumping more blood under higher pressure and the build up in the already-stiff muscles causes pain.

It’s a rather scary feeling, and I can tell you that from experience – I felt that something was wrong that my heart was in trouble for some reason. If it happens, the best thing to do is exercise to get rid of the Adrenaline and do some deep relaxing(meditate) to ease the pain and the stress. I did that and it helped, I also slept an inordinate amount of time at the weekend, which put my writing attempts to the back wing again.


7 Responses to “Oh oh, almost missed my deadline”

  1. Merrilee Says:

    Hah, so true! We may be educated, eletronically-adept homo sapiens on the surface, but on a cellular level we’re still the little hairy tribesman…

  2. Speaking as a little, hairy tribesman, I just want to point out that now that Merrilee has fingered you as a ‘writer to watch’, all kinds of people (like me) will be coming here expecting great things from you, ratcheting up the stress several more notches. You can’t fight it now, your only option is to fly.

  3. Merrilee Says:

    My evil plan is working…

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