Spontaneous expletives…

Wednesday Jul 08 2009

You all know I’ve been under a great amount of stress lately right?
Well this morning I think it all hit a boiling point, just before getting out of the car, I felt an insane urge to just shout out expletives. I was in the car, so I just let it go. Amazingly, it seemed to help for some strange reason, I actually felt better after it. Yes, everything is still crap but just being angry and shouting even if its at nobody in particular seems to be very therapeutic.

Pity I’m the type to hold things in a lot longer than they should be, its just the way I’m made really – I don’t see much benefit in getting angry at someone it just makes them feel crap too and usually it leaves someone with a grudge, either you or your target and in the long term, that is a bad thing, but on the same vein, keeping it all in isn’t very good either – I’ve been struggling with a sore back and shoulders for over a week now and I think I need to let the pressure go but to what end I wonder…


2 Responses to “Spontaneous expletives…”

  1. Cayce Says:

    researchers say that people who curse can handle stress better

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