Birthday week!

Tuesday Jul 07 2009

Its been almost a week since my last post, so its time to beat down and put another blog post up 🙂 what will it be about today?

Well, since its mine and my husband’s birthday this week I thought that should be worth a mention!

My husband’s birthday is in fact today(7th July) and mine will be on Friday, so to that end we had a long weekend from work to celebrate….. of course, things never quite go to plan do they? LOL after a lovely meal on Sunday afternoon, he fell on the stairs and hurt his leg. He twisted his knee quite badly and he couldn’t really walk without a great deal of help, so that kinda ruined our party a bit early.

Hehe, and would you believe for him, his leg became sufferable just in time for him to start work again! *sigh* Sod’s law seems to favour us recently…

Still, not all bad – we have an opportunity to visit with one of his friends up in Crail (North East Scotland) next weekend, so pending all of our pennies working out, we might end up out there next Saturday and Sunday.


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