There comes a time when…

Wednesday Jul 01 2009

That phrase “Another Day Another Dollar” needs to be gutted, hung, and made to suffer a long lingering and painful death. People need to wake up and understand that if you keep doing work that you don’t enjoy or engage with, it will destroy you, your soul and anything else it can get its grubby little claws on. There always must be a line drawn as to how much you’ll let the little bugger consume of you before you use your crowbar and wrench yourself away.

Sure, you need to make money to keep the bills paid and food on the table, but that doesn’t mean you need to just sit there and let the bugger gorge itself on your essence and soul. There will almost always be an alternative out there if you look hard enough, but that safe secure feeling the bugger dupes you with will keep you feeling scared and anxious about ‘what’s out there’.

I guess, the best analogy to come up with in this case is that it’s like a cigarette addiction, the victim of the addiction keeps feeling safe and secure about smoking – so much so, that the notion of a life without that warm glow a cigarette gives you would just be horrifying or otherwise just terrible and foreboding. Then, of course, the cigarette will eventually take EVERYTHING from you – the key is not to let it.

I don’t smoke myself, so if anyone out there disagrees with the analogy, please let me know.

In other news, well there hasn’t been much of an update to make here – but I still kept my promise to post at least one blog post a week, better yet, there might be a few more coming either today or before the end of the week. It’s been a nasty couple of weeks to date, our project is in its death throws and its hectic as hell.

Still, again I hope to have another blog post or two soon 🙂 remember, you can catch me on Twitter @lisa107b if you wish to hook up and chat.



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