A Thought on people watching…

Wednesday Jul 01 2009

This may seem a little weird to some people, or maybe its something everyone does 🙂 When sitting in that global phenomenon called traffic (you know, it happens because everyone goes home at the same time) and am not otherwise engaged, I tend to look around and observe people you know, the ones pottering off to the station or shops or simply walking home.

It tells you a lot, just to take a step back and look around you, you see many different kinds of people all with the same inperfections that you worry about, you know that mismatched top your wearing, or that scraggly stray hair that wont stop getting into your eyes. Then you can look at yourself and smile at being so fussy before.

It reminds me of those infamous lines from Filo+Peri’s “Anthem” feat. Eric Lumiere (Spotify: “Anthem” feat. Eric Lumiere.) “Sometimes its easier, to turn aroud and look in the mirror.” the song is a dancey track, but those words always had a deep meaning for me.

On that point, let me talk about Spotify for a minute – when a friend first introduced this to me, I thought there had to be a catch with it, there is a tiny one but really its hardly a catch at all – there are adverts in it, but very few and hardly enough to bother your experience too much. Basically the skinny is that Spotify lets you listen to any song or artist you like to at any time. It has full tracks for loads of songs, and well known and rare songs at that. You can listen to them absolutely free. If you don’t have it, download it and give it a go with the link above – I promise you, you wont regret it.

I know that sounds a lot like an advert of my own, and it is, but I choose to share it because I think its worth it for anyone to try.


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