Its been over a week since my last blog post *slaps own hand* sorry about that, not sure if anyone actually reads it – but sorry anyway!
I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and it has almost caused some health issues. Let me explain, I’d like to talk a little about ‘Stress Biology’ now it is directly related to the world we live in today. Where we move less and have easy ways of getting almost anything we need, I’m not talking fat lazy couch potatoes here, that’s the extremes of an easy life. I’m talking just the regular people, not overweight just a little more idle than we would have been say in the stone age.

Stress is a natural human cycle, its been around since we started walking on the earth, it’s the thing that gives us the ‘fight or flight’ strength and speed to respond to life/death situations. In today’s world however, there are relatively few ‘life/death’ situations and our bodies don’t know the difference. Society’s expectations on each of us is enough to evoke the same feelings though, we must reach a deadline, our work will be under a magnifying glass, our money can’t meet the bills etc. our body’s response to the worry and anxiety following any similar feelings however is the same as it was when we were running away from that big animal that wanted us for dinner, and releases the Adrenaline needed for that extra strength and speed.

The sharp end of the sword however, is that we are not in a situation in today’s world where we need the Adrenaline very often and a side-effect of the stuff if it sits too long in the muscles is that it will cause the muscles to stiffen, like a board. The result of that is that our heart then has difficulty pumping the blood to where it needs to be and that, in turn causes the heart to beat faster pumping more blood under higher pressure and the build up in the already-stiff muscles causes pain.

It’s a rather scary feeling, and I can tell you that from experience – I felt that something was wrong that my heart was in trouble for some reason. If it happens, the best thing to do is exercise to get rid of the Adrenaline and do some deep relaxing(meditate) to ease the pain and the stress. I did that and it helped, I also slept an inordinate amount of time at the weekend, which put my writing attempts to the back wing again.


Another week another entry :)

Monday Jul 13 2009

What a weekend that was, James and I spent Saturday night with his friend and friend’s wife at their caravan in Crail. Much wine and vodka-coke was consumed during the night. We spent the night talking about such wonderful topics as to just how many times they were snowed in at Aviemore and resultant hijinks, Pet’s Ailments, Which sex is truly the strongest and a mishmash of other topics that blur into fuzzy incomprehension. I was pretty sozzled and indeed, no hang over was incurred 🙂 *thanks the great deity of alcohol* of course, everyone knows that deity is really just the IPU in a cunning disguise 😉

I’ll have another update shortly 🙂 for now, I offer you this bite of my life 😉

Spontaneous expletives…

Wednesday Jul 08 2009

You all know I’ve been under a great amount of stress lately right?
Well this morning I think it all hit a boiling point, just before getting out of the car, I felt an insane urge to just shout out expletives. I was in the car, so I just let it go. Amazingly, it seemed to help for some strange reason, I actually felt better after it. Yes, everything is still crap but just being angry and shouting even if its at nobody in particular seems to be very therapeutic.

Pity I’m the type to hold things in a lot longer than they should be, its just the way I’m made really – I don’t see much benefit in getting angry at someone it just makes them feel crap too and usually it leaves someone with a grudge, either you or your target and in the long term, that is a bad thing, but on the same vein, keeping it all in isn’t very good either – I’ve been struggling with a sore back and shoulders for over a week now and I think I need to let the pressure go but to what end I wonder…

Birthday week!

Tuesday Jul 07 2009

Its been almost a week since my last post, so its time to beat down and put another blog post up 🙂 what will it be about today?

Well, since its mine and my husband’s birthday this week I thought that should be worth a mention!

My husband’s birthday is in fact today(7th July) and mine will be on Friday, so to that end we had a long weekend from work to celebrate….. of course, things never quite go to plan do they? LOL after a lovely meal on Sunday afternoon, he fell on the stairs and hurt his leg. He twisted his knee quite badly and he couldn’t really walk without a great deal of help, so that kinda ruined our party a bit early.

Hehe, and would you believe for him, his leg became sufferable just in time for him to start work again! *sigh* Sod’s law seems to favour us recently…

Still, not all bad – we have an opportunity to visit with one of his friends up in Crail (North East Scotland) next weekend, so pending all of our pennies working out, we might end up out there next Saturday and Sunday.

A Thought on people watching…

Wednesday Jul 01 2009

This may seem a little weird to some people, or maybe its something everyone does 🙂 When sitting in that global phenomenon called traffic (you know, it happens because everyone goes home at the same time) and am not otherwise engaged, I tend to look around and observe people you know, the ones pottering off to the station or shops or simply walking home.

It tells you a lot, just to take a step back and look around you, you see many different kinds of people all with the same inperfections that you worry about, you know that mismatched top your wearing, or that scraggly stray hair that wont stop getting into your eyes. Then you can look at yourself and smile at being so fussy before.

It reminds me of those infamous lines from Filo+Peri’s “Anthem” feat. Eric Lumiere (Spotify: “Anthem” feat. Eric Lumiere.) “Sometimes its easier, to turn aroud and look in the mirror.” the song is a dancey track, but those words always had a deep meaning for me.

On that point, let me talk about Spotify for a minute – when a friend first introduced this to me, I thought there had to be a catch with it, there is a tiny one but really its hardly a catch at all – there are adverts in it, but very few and hardly enough to bother your experience too much. Basically the skinny is that Spotify lets you listen to any song or artist you like to at any time. It has full tracks for loads of songs, and well known and rare songs at that. You can listen to them absolutely free. If you don’t have it, download it and give it a go with the link above – I promise you, you wont regret it.

I know that sounds a lot like an advert of my own, and it is, but I choose to share it because I think its worth it for anyone to try.

There comes a time when…

Wednesday Jul 01 2009

That phrase “Another Day Another Dollar” needs to be gutted, hung, and made to suffer a long lingering and painful death. People need to wake up and understand that if you keep doing work that you don’t enjoy or engage with, it will destroy you, your soul and anything else it can get its grubby little claws on. There always must be a line drawn as to how much you’ll let the little bugger consume of you before you use your crowbar and wrench yourself away.

Sure, you need to make money to keep the bills paid and food on the table, but that doesn’t mean you need to just sit there and let the bugger gorge itself on your essence and soul. There will almost always be an alternative out there if you look hard enough, but that safe secure feeling the bugger dupes you with will keep you feeling scared and anxious about ‘what’s out there’.

I guess, the best analogy to come up with in this case is that it’s like a cigarette addiction, the victim of the addiction keeps feeling safe and secure about smoking – so much so, that the notion of a life without that warm glow a cigarette gives you would just be horrifying or otherwise just terrible and foreboding. Then, of course, the cigarette will eventually take EVERYTHING from you – the key is not to let it.

I don’t smoke myself, so if anyone out there disagrees with the analogy, please let me know.

In other news, well there hasn’t been much of an update to make here – but I still kept my promise to post at least one blog post a week, better yet, there might be a few more coming either today or before the end of the week. It’s been a nasty couple of weeks to date, our project is in its death throws and its hectic as hell.

Still, again I hope to have another blog post or two soon 🙂 remember, you can catch me on Twitter @lisa107b if you wish to hook up and chat.