The Cycle Chronology….

Wednesday Jun 24 2009

I’ll be honest with you, blog/diary/outlet or whatever I want to call you! I’m noticing a pattern with my moods, and I want to log them… apologies for anyone reading, some of these will be downer entries.

Chronology 1: Wednesday 24 June 2009
I’m feeling rather low today, I’d be encouraged to write why here, so I’ll do that if I keep enough chronologies going – I might see the pattern I’m looking for. If I think these feelings can be linked to tiredness, then I’d be correct – at the moment I’m tired. Not just physically tired, but it dawned on me today that I’m mentally tired too. I have so much creative energy inside and its not finding an outlet, I’m useless at drawing and only have time to write when I have the time available to me to write where else can I put some energy into? I’m scared mostly that if I don’t find the outlet soon, I might lose the creative edge I believe I have. The current job is unrewarding, but the kicker, is that I can’t even decide where to go in life from here everywhere seems blocked for some reason or other. It may be time for me to think about some sort of break…. but then bills, bills, bills keep me needing to rot away in an emotional prison……………


2 Responses to “The Cycle Chronology….”

  1. I so can relate to this, being in a kind of limbo myself. From my experience of being in the politics (talk about something that draaaaaains creativity…) I know that the creative edge can be sharpened again. One method is to read books and look at movies your really like – to get in the game again. I’m starting out small this time, I’ve read Let the Right One In and digesting it. Soon I’ll follow up with a massive dose of works in the genres I do love (SF/fantasy) to get started.

    • lolagirl10 Says:

      Hey 🙂 Thanks for the comment and support! Sorry for the delay I’ve only just sat down to do some blog housework and a little bit more writing!

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