Meeting a stranger… and other stuff

Thursday Jun 18 2009

Well its been a couple of days since the last update here and I’m staying true to myself and trying to keep updating regularly.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting someone new via Twitter and we connected on IM to chat about dates and boyfriends and stuff 🙂 It was very cool, not simply because we were solving a particular problem, but also because it had been so long since I’ve chatted to anyone new on IM (Instant Messanger) actually now that I mention it 😉 she wasn’t the only new person I’ve began chatting to – so its been a good week so far!

Meeting new people is exciting and enjoyable, its always great to find out any interests you share or topics you both enjoy reading about. Things work out even better if you actually get along with the person your chatting to – heh go figure, like you couldn’t work that out for yourself!

As far as Twitter goes, I’m still having fun with it, its defineatly worth a go – but you have to be on the look out for advertisers posing as people. They’ll follow you and hope that you follow back you’ll know the sort right away if you see a profile full of internet links or suspiciously repeating posts, or similar posts.

If you hook up here to this blog and want to try it out, look me up, my Twitter ID is Lisa107b


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