A Note about the Blog…

Sunday Jun 14 2009

Okay, so clearly twitter helps my hits here, yesterday being 13th June I received the most hits I’ve had for a page on the blog, its been over a year since I had that many (Okay 14 is a lot of hits for me, being a nobody in particular 😉 ) – perhaps the notion holds true with Blogging as well as with Twitter the more you update and keep your blog updated and clear of dust – the more likely it is you will get hits. The tag about twitter does help alot too – but I can’t tag all my posts with Twitter, can I?

Then again with the more frequent use of my Twitter account, its likely I might have more to say about it. Then, Why am I writing this meaningless post?
Well I should be writing really, but my head is stuck – I can’t seem to bring the muse back to life recently. So I figure if I write something, even a meaningless blog post, it might just jog my head into thinking back to my story or stories, yes I have a few on the run – need to catch them soon!
Some have been running for ages, but they could be brought back home sooner than I expect.

As one thought trail dries off, I’m likely to continue onto another story arc.

<Ooh, look at that 215 words, not bad for a meaningless blog post!>


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