Writing and ISBW

Saturday Jun 13 2009

Okay, so I’ve decided to put another update on here today, wow too in the one day, I must be getting better at this whole social media stuff 😉

Whilst listening to the Metamor City podcast, (http://www.metamorcity.com)- Chris Lester tells a brilliant story over there by the way, well worth a look!

I responded to one of the promos in there from Mur Lafferty (http://www.murverse.com) for her “I Should Be Writing” podcast (http://murverse.com/category/projects/podcasts/i-should-be-writing/) and it got me writing again. The idea behind Mur’s podcast is basically to tell everyone to KEEP WRITING, irrespective of Job/Money/Life and also leaves the message behind that most writers don’t write for a living and still hold a ‘normal’ job out there, she also does a few interviews with other authors for the podcast(there are loads of eps I’ve not listened to yet though).

Not since 1996 had I worked on my story about the Land of Maur and the Plague from the mines of Sercheti 🙂 ~2769 words so far and so I was very happy for the quick kick up the bum to make it happen again. It is still difficult to write every day, but I do my best not to let it slip for too long. If you ever even thought about writing, its worth listening there 🙂


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