Twitter …. and Spam

Saturday Jun 13 2009

So now its been over a month since I started my new Twitter account and even since I updated this thing πŸ˜‰ time for that to change!

I’ve had lots of fun with Twitter πŸ™‚
I think you really need some followers to really enjoy it though, and better yet, followers who like what you say and relate to it. The best way to get that is to keep your profile active and updated regularly.

Then people who search for certain things like, for example, ‘podcasting’, ‘writing’ or ‘games’ will see your profile and may follow you after seing what you have to say about those subjects. The use of the ‘followfriday’ hashtag is good in some ways, but wouldn’t really draw many who might actually be interested in what you say.

I’ve managed to keep my profile semi-active, I don’t tweet every day but do try to at least once in two and more at the weekends. As a result of that, I’ve had a fairly steady amount of new followers, almost one every week or so in addition to the first dozen or so followers I received when I first started, thanks to Tee Morris(see previous post).

Of course, as a nasty side effect from keeping your profile up to date is that you will also get what I call Spam followers – where the persons/machines that have decided to follow you have nothing better to do than follow others so that people will see random links related to porn/sales or other some such nonsense.

The psychology behind it is quite simple, if you follow someone with relaively few followes(aka the ‘normal’ twitter user) the first thing you’re likely to do is check their profile – and ‘voila the spammer has instant eyes looking at the links they populate their entire feed with.

It wouldn’t work for those ‘super’ twitter users who have perhaps thousands or tens of thousands of followers (read ‘celebrity’ users) – in such cases the spam follow is useless as this user has so many followers they simply cannot keep up and typically will just ignore any new follows.

A quick glance at any new followers profile will usually tell you if they’re a real person or someone just hammering links, quite simply you’ll see more of the conversational type updates including a few @replies to people, so be careful who you choose to follow :).


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