The Cycle Chronology….

Wednesday Jun 24 2009

I’ll be honest with you, blog/diary/outlet or whatever I want to call you! I’m noticing a pattern with my moods, and I want to log them… apologies for anyone reading, some of these will be downer entries.

Chronology 1: Wednesday 24 June 2009
I’m feeling rather low today, I’d be encouraged to write why here, so I’ll do that if I keep enough chronologies going – I might see the pattern I’m looking for. If I think these feelings can be linked to tiredness, then I’d be correct – at the moment I’m tired. Not just physically tired, but it dawned on me today that I’m mentally tired too. I have so much creative energy inside and its not finding an outlet, I’m useless at drawing and only have time to write when I have the time available to me to write where else can I put some energy into? I’m scared mostly that if I don’t find the outlet soon, I might lose the creative edge I believe I have. The current job is unrewarding, but the kicker, is that I can’t even decide where to go in life from here everywhere seems blocked for some reason or other. It may be time for me to think about some sort of break…. but then bills, bills, bills keep me needing to rot away in an emotional prison……………


In Scotland…

Tuesday Jun 23 2009

You never expect to get a day like this!
It’s the first time I’ve seen such a flawless day in…. well a long time!



Finding the lost Inspiration

Tuesday Jun 23 2009

Well, this is the first blog post that will be submitted via email, so please forgive me if it all goes wonky with the formatting and stuff.

I couldn’t help but wonder at the point in trying to think about a new blogpost, yes – I want to keep my promise to post a new entry a week. Hopefully though, I’ll manage more – it depends on how things go 🙂

I’ve got lots on at the moment, I’d like to write some more of my story – but it’s been difficult for me to get into the mindset to allow the words to flow, there are a number of reasons for this.
One reason being that work, as usual, isn’t helping matters – it’s very dull and unchallenging. Seriously my mind just shuts down in the face of such dull mediocrity and I’m not just saying that to be funny, I find it quite a serious problem. A problem, which I hope to solve soon. Another reason is that I’ve not been getting a great amount of sleep lately either – its been very hot over here and we are not used to such weather, the timetables I must keep for the mediocrity is at the very least, exhausting – 05:30 up every morning, until 17:45 in the evening and then bed at 22:00 on the dot. I know some people have no problems with those times, but, I’m very much a night person and have to force myself to be a daytime one, which is simply not my naturally productive state.

I don’t see why everyone in the working world, has to start and finish at the very same time. The internet and the digital age ought to omit any backward need that, and, I might add, would make the problems of rush-hour disappear as well as helping to cut Co2 emissions, not that I see much substance to the concept of global warming(the planet has been changing climate for millennia), but that’s a debate for another day.

The lack of sleep though is not only a precursor for another bout of depression (having gone through one breakdown already this month) but also not the best antidote for a dose writers block.

Some writers use music for inspiration and I find that music does indeed help, but only when the music matches your mood – variety is the spice of life and all that!

Soundscaping can also help too, this is where the music your listening to actually paints a scene in your mind – these are usually instrumental pieces not slow classical but actual modern instrumentals. Think Philip Glass, the genius behind the music for Lord Of The Rings. If you listen to his music, you don’t need to have wathced the movies to imagine the scene he tries to paint in your mind.

I find that this kind of visualisation helps you escape the realities of your situation and let your mind explore its creativity, there are other methods for escape of course – but I can’t speak from experience there 😉 (Yellow Submarine, anyone?) for me though, I find the best way to clear my mind when I don’t have much time to relax in a soundscape, is progressive music – like dance music or any catchy tune, you know the ones you like to follow or tap your feet with.  There’s a technical and psychological reason for why we do that by the way – called Syncopation but again, that’s a story for another day 😉

I think I’ve rambled enough for one blog entry, I hope you found the patience to read through – wow 609 words yeesh!

If I had the same success with my writing, I’d be doing great!

Woohoo! Another entry in less than a month, I’m doing well… the words are strong with me today. Or, I really just had something to share 😉

This morning, my car battery was flat. Completely dead, not so much as a fizzle from the central locking or display panels. I find this confusing and call my husband down, since he was the last to use it and I think that maybe he knows something. So he tried it, had a look and said the sidelights were left on, possibly for the whole weekend and we all know that means curtains for the car battery. We had to call the AA out to get the car started and going again.

The first thing someone might think when they hear that sort of event is that the silly woman was responbsible for the mis-deed. Funny that isn’t it?

It was actually James that did it this time(goodness knows how he didn’t hear the warning chime!).
I look back and laugh, I think that people should stop thinking so two-dimensionally. There are many more dimensions to an individuals identity than the stereotype image that the media depicts. There’s more to go into here, but I’m short on time to form the words properly. (maybe later 🙂 )

Anyway, the other point I was going to make was about blogs, I tell myself I’d like to see a few comments on an entry – but then ask myself “Just exactly how many comments have you made lately?”
Hand-on-heart, I’ve made two comments in the past two weeks but not really anytime before that. That said, though, I’ve not read too many blogs with comments enabled either. But anyway, I digress, if I promise to write more comments on blogs I see, would you comment on this one?

You will?
Oh Cool 🙂 I look forward to reading them!


Well its been a couple of days since the last update here and I’m staying true to myself and trying to keep updating regularly.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting someone new via Twitter and we connected on IM to chat about dates and boyfriends and stuff 🙂 It was very cool, not simply because we were solving a particular problem, but also because it had been so long since I’ve chatted to anyone new on IM (Instant Messanger) actually now that I mention it 😉 she wasn’t the only new person I’ve began chatting to – so its been a good week so far!

Meeting new people is exciting and enjoyable, its always great to find out any interests you share or topics you both enjoy reading about. Things work out even better if you actually get along with the person your chatting to – heh go figure, like you couldn’t work that out for yourself!

As far as Twitter goes, I’m still having fun with it, its defineatly worth a go – but you have to be on the look out for advertisers posing as people. They’ll follow you and hope that you follow back you’ll know the sort right away if you see a profile full of internet links or suspiciously repeating posts, or similar posts.

If you hook up here to this blog and want to try it out, look me up, my Twitter ID is Lisa107b

A Note about the Blog…

Sunday Jun 14 2009

Okay, so clearly twitter helps my hits here, yesterday being 13th June I received the most hits I’ve had for a page on the blog, its been over a year since I had that many (Okay 14 is a lot of hits for me, being a nobody in particular 😉 ) – perhaps the notion holds true with Blogging as well as with Twitter the more you update and keep your blog updated and clear of dust – the more likely it is you will get hits. The tag about twitter does help alot too – but I can’t tag all my posts with Twitter, can I?

Then again with the more frequent use of my Twitter account, its likely I might have more to say about it. Then, Why am I writing this meaningless post?
Well I should be writing really, but my head is stuck – I can’t seem to bring the muse back to life recently. So I figure if I write something, even a meaningless blog post, it might just jog my head into thinking back to my story or stories, yes I have a few on the run – need to catch them soon!
Some have been running for ages, but they could be brought back home sooner than I expect.

As one thought trail dries off, I’m likely to continue onto another story arc.

<Ooh, look at that 215 words, not bad for a meaningless blog post!>

Writing and ISBW

Saturday Jun 13 2009

Okay, so I’ve decided to put another update on here today, wow too in the one day, I must be getting better at this whole social media stuff 😉

Whilst listening to the Metamor City podcast, ( Chris Lester tells a brilliant story over there by the way, well worth a look!

I responded to one of the promos in there from Mur Lafferty ( for her “I Should Be Writing” podcast ( and it got me writing again. The idea behind Mur’s podcast is basically to tell everyone to KEEP WRITING, irrespective of Job/Money/Life and also leaves the message behind that most writers don’t write for a living and still hold a ‘normal’ job out there, she also does a few interviews with other authors for the podcast(there are loads of eps I’ve not listened to yet though).

Not since 1996 had I worked on my story about the Land of Maur and the Plague from the mines of Sercheti 🙂 ~2769 words so far and so I was very happy for the quick kick up the bum to make it happen again. It is still difficult to write every day, but I do my best not to let it slip for too long. If you ever even thought about writing, its worth listening there 🙂