Twitter…. and a Web Presence

Friday Apr 24 2009

First post in a long while! I guess I am remembering the dusty corner of the web I looked at last year, but then I guess this is the first noteworthy item to place here. Recently, I’ve been listening to podcasts – or podiobooks more precisely, they really help the day pass better at work and also they’ve helped me see a bit more of the webspace out there.

I’m speaking of something incredibly viral and addictive, Twitter, it’s hard to categorise exactly what this is, but its a combination of a microblog and an instant, instant messaging service. If you want to talk to someone, anyone on twitter just search them out by name and send them a message with the @ symbol preceding the handle of that person, my handle is lisa107b – and I connected to Tee Morris on it, he does a great series of workshops and stories, most notably “Billibub Baddins and The Case Of The Singing Sword” ( it’s a brilliantly executed piece of fiction and lets the listener really connect with the characters, Tee also employs the talents of many other well known podcasters in the story which helps to really bring the story to life.

Once I connected with him, I also connected with his network of thousands of ‘followers’ and he recommended people to ‘follow’ me, he thought I was lonely 😉 aww, to ‘follow’ someone on Twitter means you will be connecting to their little space on the blogosphere and can see some of the conversations and events relating to the person being followed. If your interested in trying out this site, be warned – it is HIGHLY addictive! In only a few hours, I’ve managed to collect 14 followers and it seems more are added frequently and I’ve also managed to have two conversations with relative strangers. We’re all linked by podcasts it seems and the authors themselves are on there, I respect and love these people and the fact they are willing to connect so personally with their fanbase, well 🙂 That’s great! I love it.

You’ll find my little space at if you navigate there, you can join and get started.

P.S: It might also revive this dusty old blog too!