Spiriata and Automatic Writing

Wednesday Oct 15 2008

Ah, a new post about the Mind Map again 🙂 It’s been a while since I remarked about that, hehe  if you look at the previous post here – you’ll see why.

So what of my Mind Map?

Well, my first notebook on that has been concluded, I find working with one aspect of the Psyche’ is the best way to categorise a group of thoughts rather than using Lion’s manual for making a completely indexed catalogue of thoughts and processes. That approach didn’t work for me – my head doesn’t work that way! LOL I found it to be a little like trying to plug a UK appliance into a US power point. Not only would it blow up, but it just wouldn’t work!

My first notebook was on identity, a select few will know more about it but no more will be said here 😉 I’m still working on a Map though, there will probably be another book about my wedding and related thoughts shortly – as soon as I can grab some more pads.

I also have another book of chaos and story fragments – I used one of those on the InterNOC webForum. I thought it might be a good base for something we’re trying to do there. The story I actually posted was the stub, or beginning of another story I’ve been working on – there’s more to it but it would take the focus away from the task at InterNOC.

And of Automatic Writing?

This is a tricky one to talk about – put it this way, these blog posts are a form of Automatic Writing, it’s the process by which you just spill all of your thoughts out from your head and onto a page or, in this case, into a form online.

Work has been pretty slow of late, so the point came where I wanted to do some more writing. I wanted to write more of my stories but I just couldn’t win against the blank page, a sort of writer’s block if you will.

I couldn’t think of anything to write, so I wrote something like: “There’s nothing worse than staring a blank page down, it usually wins” and there, that little phrase stayed for a while. Until I had the notion to add some other thoughts to it. It certainly started me going again, but alas nothing new on the Story front, yet.

The process of Automatic Writing, as I understand is where your subconcious wishes to tell you something but can’t quite talk to you directly.

Why? well, again as I understand it,  at the time the subconcious made the thought, the concious brain had moved onto another thought. Writing things inbetween the subconcious thought and the next concious thought is brought to a pause while the subconcious thought is written down. Then your concious mind moves on with it’s next thought.

It’s a bit like driving really, you don’t necesarilly know conciously that you need to brake in order to slow down, that process is automatic, while your concious mind focuses on what’s happening on the road in front of you.

This is probably an over-simplification of the process, but I think this is how best I can describe it so that someone will understand.


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