Marriage – a curse or a blessing, maybe both?

Wednesday Oct 15 2008

Okay, so I joined the masses of the maritally joined on the 3rd Oct, the Wedding itself went really well actually, surprisingly well – usually, there will be something that goes wrong. Not on that day though πŸ™‚ Before you go harping on about having a positive outlook on life, consider that having such a sceptical approach to things allows you to be pleasantly surprised when things go well, rather than unpleasantly disappointed when things didn’t go as well as you’d hoped.

So, having been married almost 2 weeks now I can tell you nothing changed – hehe life carries on as it did before we were married, very much as expected really – he and I had been living together for a year and had no arguments or serious troubles at all.

Some people asked if I was excited before the day, well I wasn’t really. It was one of those situations where you don’t know what to feel/expect or think. I knew inside we’d be fine, marriage was just the final tying of the knot, kind of like putting the last piece of our jigsaw in the middle. The picture as a whole was largely there and recognised as the final stage, that last piece just confirmed it.

So is it a Blessing, or a Curse? Well – to be honest it’s early days πŸ™‚ I can’t tell you it’s the greatest thing since fire and a cooked meal nor can I tell you it’s the worst thing since the meteor that wiped out the Dinosaurs. All I can tell you, is that the trust between James and I is stronger than it ever was before, we both know we’re now married and have a true and unyielding commitment to each other. That, in itself, eases some of the points where our relationship seemed a little strained – I talk more of James in this respect, he’s never been one to solidly plant his feet until he knows exactly where to plant them and that it would be safe. His overprotection of his feelings often led to my feeling cold, but never unloved.

That’s not exactly the clearest explanation, but certainly the one that best describes some of the situations we were in before. Now that we’re married – that aspect seems to have all but eroded away.


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