Argh… another dead blog

Friday Sep 26 2008

Seriously, this blog stuff is much harder than it seems to be 😉

I’ve been deadly busy, goodness I’ve almost no time to do anything nowadays, let a lone maintain a blog!

I beleive I should give you the readers digest version of events since my last post…. oh some four months ago <erk>

Well now, the credit-crunch hits everyone I assume just as hard, with the rising costs, I’ve had to take steps to consolidate and write off my existing debt using some government legislation that allows us to make a flat payment each month for three years, after which all additional debt is written off. The amount you pay is based on a strict budget for food, bills, fuel etc. and allows you to use some of the remaining money from your wage to make that payment to your debts.

So now that’s underway, I am also getting married next week as it happens 🙂 on the 3rd October, I’ll be walking down the isle with Hubby and I’ll become one Lady Morrison!

Hehe, he’s a KT and a KOSJ those of you in certain circles will know what that means.

That really is the readers digest version! lol I never knew I’d be able to fit four months of events into such a small paragraph 😉