Silent Sail

Monday Jun 09 2008

Interestingly enough, the thought of a Silent Sail just occurred to me this second. What do I mean by it? Well, quite simply it means I am taking time out to simply quietly gaze through my thoughts in an attempt to find something that I feel might interest those who would read this particular blog, I’ve had 9 views from the “Mind Mapping” post, the post with the most interest apparently.

This is an indication that more people are interested in that particular concept, Lion himself has visited – although it seems he’s very busy and often does not respond to my emails for several days. That makes it difficult to keep in mind the Spiriata concepts, I reply to his emails with equal vigour but he often leaves me wondering where I go from there, a discussion is far more fruitful.

What is Spriata? – It is a concept of artistic expression in a common vein, like a hub for common artistic expressions, much like a destination for free and imaginative thought. Shared together with other creative thinkers, almost like a creative writing group but with more diverse media. But to be honest, my understanding of it all still falls short of my expectations – I’m the sort of person who always likes to understand things in as many ways as I can understand them.

Lion asked me to take part in the group but it seems he is having trouble holding the group together or at least holding the group to their focus. I’ve attempted to suggest potential resolutions to the problem, but as I said earlier – it might be some time before I get feedback from my email. *SIGH*

Still that’s a rant for the moment, I’ll see about posting something a little more interesting later on this week 🙂 or even today, if I’m lucky and find some inspiration.

Oh, one other thing – if you do visit this post, please take the time to leave a comment, let me know where you come from and who you are 🙂

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