Thought movement

Friday May 23 2008

00:50 Thursday 22 May

An interesting aspect with the mind-mapping I found out about was the fact that in the face of unbridled creativity, you can often write in a way that makes you decide to do something – but when the point comes that you want to action your decision, reality creeps up and bites your bum with painful repercussions!

Needless to say an event cropped up that didn’t quite go the way my map had indicated, but it still happened in a very positive light.

The thought, if anything helped shape the positivity in the encounter, for that alone can help immensely when a difficult situation arises.

Where would I be without that thought to guide me? probably running away from the demon I unleashed! lol, well that is a little colourful, but certainly the thought was invaluable in nudging me in the right direction with the encounter with a new friend and co-worker, Antonello. It’s strange, we really have struck what seems to be a very good friendship in the space of a few short days!

On another note of interest šŸ™‚ it seems Mr Kimbro (Lion) has invited me to be a part of a project of his which revolves around creative expression and implementation like

Spirit in a Moving Canvas

He was interested by the name of this blog and some of my ideas when we chatted earlier. I am happy to take part in this, it seems the creative opportunity I’ve been looking for and a real way to make friends and find myself in a new light šŸ™‚

That’s enough for one blog post though, if I can get some good material together for this project, I will share here too.



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