The Process of thought

Friday May 16 2008

Since the last post things have kicked off in a big way, not only have I started the map but now I have seven thoughts which encompasses more than just simple run-of-the-mill musings but certainly some insightful and interesting results. One of the thoughts I have are quite negative on the face of it, but actually since writing it has came about a shift in those kind of patterns too.

So, yes, it is certainly an interesting tool to be used to communicate your innermost thoughts and ideals. I showed my mum those thoughts last night, one of the few people whom I would trust with every thought in there, she found the whole concept very interesting and she really thanked me for trusting her to read them 🙂

Another thing I’d like to write about, is actually writing – you know, using a pen and paper not typing blindly into a computer! I found this to be quite a revelation, the connection that comes from putting pen to paper and writing is something very special indeed, it allows you to think and flow far more easily, well worth trying out – even if, like me, you haven’t actually written anything in a very long time!



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