Mind Mapping

Friday May 09 2008

Where to start? Well, the other week I happened to remember an article I heard about on the news about someone who wrote all of his thoughts down and organised them into maps and categories – like tracing all the paths in your head in order to make it easier to recall events and make decisions.

One quick google search for “Write every thought” turned up results to Mr Lion Kimbro’s website: http://www.speakeasy.org/~Lion/nb

Wherein I downloaded a book he’d written, which he has made available for free, to anyone that is interested. The basis of the book deals with the way he organises his thoughts and makes a sort of data-catalogue, albeit in a rather verbose/convoluted and technical manner, but as he says: “There is no notebook police!” the system he describes, is his and everyone who will try this will have their own unique systems that will work with their minds and this is always encouraged.

As for me, yes, I’ll be trying to do some sort of map I’m still trying to find the right spur to kick it off and also to get the materials I’ll need brought in at home. You might ask “Why?” and I certainly wouldn’t fault you for it, for me it will be a way to map out certain recurring thoughts I keep having and hopefully it will help me find the appropriate solution to the issue. But, I suspect it will also bring with it an awakening of sorts, I will be able to locate in my thoughts the best vent for my creative energies.

Yes, I know, it sounds melodramatic but is actually quite a troubling problem where I know I have a creative ability, I see all sorts of possibilities with things like Sound Engineering, Writing, 2d/3d graphics, Photography and Drawing/Painting.  I know if I concentrated on one I would be able to excel in that area but I need to make the choice and I think the map will help me do it.

Once I get going with the map, I’ll be able to post updates to this category – so if you are in the least bit interested 🙂 you can check back periodically to keep track.



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